What is the Ladue Schools Online Academy?

Program Criteria

This program has been developed for students who have thrived virtually and would like to apply to continue next year. Space is limited and families must complete an  online academy application in order to be considered.

Teacher Availability

In order to staff appropriately and maintain consistency for all Ladue Schools students, those selecting the virtual option must remain virtual for a semester.


Students who elect to return mid-year (at semester) may do so with the understanding that schedules and teachers will change and they will be placed in classrooms where there is space available.

Enrollment Requirements

A minimum number of students will be required to assign a Ladue Schools teacher to a grade level/section. If the minimum is not met, students will be placed in Launch, Springfield Public Schools’ virtual program, or another Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP) approved vendor for virtual instruction.

Why Choose The Online Academy

Provide a rigorous and high-quality online program to meet the needs of our families who prefer a virtual option.

Build a sustainable, consistent structure that meets our immediate needs and lays the groundwork for future expansion.

Image of Kid Virtual Learning With Laptop
Image of High School Student Virtually Learning

Does your child thrive virtually?

Administrators, counselors and SSD staff (if appropriate) will work with families to determine the educational best interest.

We want to make the decision based on the educational best interests of our students

Students who are not successful in the Ladue Online Academy will resume in-person learning.

Students who have not been successful in virtual learning this year may be denied admission to the Ladue Online Academy.

Image of Decision Making Chart

Core Beliefs

Image of Girl Holding Whiteboard for Virtual Class

Eliminate concurrent teaching

Zooming In” splits the teacher’s attention and negatively impacts the quality of instruction for BOTH students in-person and those virtual.

Same supports and resources as our in-person students

This may mean coming in-person for certain programs such as Idea Lab, Apogee or having mixed-grade-level virtual sections

This is not the pandemic version of virtual learning

Attendance and participation is required.
Decisions must be made for an entire semester.

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